Pennsylvania Turkey Hunting: ‘08 Fall Harvest One of the Best

Posted by notgravy on February 17, 2015

The PA game commission’s preliminary harvest data indicates that wild turkey hunters had a great season this past fall. Hunters took 26,485 turkeys, which is a spike compared to 2007 when 21,900 birds were killed and 2006 with only 21,500 birds. For those of you who like statistics that’s a 19% increase over the previous three-year average for fall seasons. The state says that turkey reproduction increased slightly boosting the population size. The above average number of turkey and the poor fall mast—acorns and beechnuts were scarce in many forested areas—forced the birds to forage for food. That meant they became a bit easier for hunters to locate and find their roosts. The harvest hot spots were located in three of the state’s largest Wildlife Management Units (WMUs). WMU 4D was lead with 2,856 birds, followed by WMU 2G with 2,637, and WMU 2D with 2,183.

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