Connecticut: Anti-Gun and Pro-Hunting Bills

Posted by notgravy on February 17, 2015

You never expect these things to happen in your own backyard. Once were the days you could sit on the porch with a good cigar and two-fingers of a nice sipping whiskey and talk about the birds missed and ones bagged from earlier in the day—wait we still do that. The point I’m trying to make is: Be aware of the bills being sponsored in your state and then take action because if you sit around puffing and sipping your rights will be pulled out from under you. Here in CT we recently defeated three anti-gun/anti-hunting bills, SB 353, SB 839 and HB 5798, Rifle Scope Reviews and one pro-hunting bill, HB 5209, is heading to the House Floor. Here’s what can happen right under your nose:

  • Senate Bill 353 would have banned the sale of all semi-automatic pistols not equipped with so-called “micro-stamping” technology. It was defeated on Friday, April 3, in the Judiciary Committee.
  • Senate Bill 839 would have transferred operations of the currently independent Board of Firearm Permit Examiners to the Department of Public Safety. This action, if approved, would have taken away the autonomy of the Board, and would mean that if an applicant was denied a license, he/she would have had to appeal to the very body, the Department of Public Safety, which rejected the application in the first place. SB839 was defeated on Monday, March 30, in the Government Administration and Elections Committee.
  • House Bill 5798 posed a threat to hunters by prohibiting the “unreasonable confinement or tethering of dogs.” It could have negatively impacted hunters by limiting their ability to kennel, transport, and house dogs bred for the purpose of hunting. HB 5798 was defeated on Friday, March 20, in the Environment Committee.
  • House Bill 5209 passed out of the Environment Committee on Wednesday, March 18, and is now heading to the House Floor. This critical pro-hunting bill would ensure hunters in CT that public hunting acreage will never decrease. Known as “no-net-loss,” HB5209 would require that the state maintain the current level of available public recreational lands, including public hunting lands. If enacted, additional lands would have to be opened to hunting when land currently open to hunting is closed.

Be sure to contact your lawmakers and urge them to support your rights. Be polite but be firm and hit the Politian where it will hurt them the most. Tell them you will not vote for them or support their re-election. And you will tell all your friends to do the same. And so on and so on. Remind them that word-of-mouth is best form of advertisement. I won’t name any names here, but if you want to find out who proposed the CT bills click the links above. Find your State Senators and State Representatives.

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